This document describes the acceptance criteria / process we use when doing a vcpkg-tool update, such as

  1. Verify that all tests etc. are passing in the vcpkg-tool repo's main branch, and that the contents therein are acceptable for release. (Steps after this will sign code there, so this review is responsible gating what has access to code signing.)
  2. Check that the changes there are in fact the changes that we want in that release. (Be aware, you are responsible for what is about to be signed with a Microsoft code signing certificate by proceeding)
  3. Submit a new full tree rebuild by ( as of this writing) and queue a new build with the vcpkg-tool SHA overridden to the one you wish to use. Example:
  4. (Probably the next day) Check over the failures and ensure any differences with the most recent full rebuild using the previous tool version are understood.
  5. Submit a signed build from "vcpkg Signed Binaries (from GitHub)" ( as of this writing)
  6. The signed build will automatically create a draft GitHub release at . Erase the contents filled in there and press the "auto generate release notes" button. Manually remove any entries created by the automated localization tools which will start with * LEGO: Pull request from juno/.
  7. Publish that draft release as "pre-release".
  8. Clean up a machine for the following tests:
  9. Delete VCPKG_DOWNLOADS/artifacts (which forces artifacts to be reacquired)
  10. Delete LOCALAPPDATA/vcpkg (which forces registries to be reacquired)
  11. Smoke test the 'one liner' installer: (Where 2022-06-15 is replaced with the right release name)
    • Powershell: iex (iwr
    • Batch: curl -L -o vcpkg-init.cmd && .\vcpkg-init.cmd
    • Bash: . <(curl -L)
  12. Test that embedded scenarios work for vcpkg-artifacts: Ensure that none of the following report errors:
    1. git clone
    2. cd blink
    3. vcpkg activate
    4. set-target ESP32
    5. cd build
    6. ninja
  13. In the vcpkg repo, draft a PR which updates and boostrap-vcpkg.ps1 with the new release date, and update SHAs as appropriate in the .sh script. (For example, see
  14. Merge the tool update PR.
  15. Change the github release in vcpkg-tool from "prerelease" to "release". (This automatically updates the links)